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Nasal Mask
Nasal Mask
Nasal MaskNasal MaskNasal Mask
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WiZARD 210 Nasal Mask

The WiZARD 210 Nasal Mask accessory for respiratory therapy provides a perfect seal and comfortable fit, without air leaks and annoying whistling sounds.
This product maximizes the quality of sleep in order to encourage compliance with prescribed treatment plans.

Forehead pad provides pressure distribution.
Easy-to-attach/detach mask cushion.
Model and size printed on frame and cushion.
360° dual-swivel elbow.
Tubing quick release.
O2 port with saftey cap.
Diffused vent design for quiet operations.
Easy-to-use headgear buckle (one hand fastener).
Biocompatible Breath-o-Prene headgear.
Soft hose with better flexibility.
Available sizes S, M and L.

Comfortable forehead pad
provides better pressure distribution
and 2 options for adjustment.

Easy-to-assemble cushion
3 indicatory protrusions allow for easy attachment
to the frame.

Superior Silicon Seal
The soft silicon cushion with frosted texture fits a
wide range of facial contours
and optimizes the mask seal.

Diffused vent
provides quiet operation.

O2 post with safety cap
allows for O2 bleed-in or pressure measurement.

Tubing quick release
allows for connection and disconnec
tion of tubing