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Today is 26,Sep,2018
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Support Surface
Support Surface
Support SurfaceSupport SurfaceSupport Surface
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Updated: 2012-06-15 14:24
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The DOMUS 2 is a true and effective alternating overlay system
combined with static feature. By having a series of individual
Support Surface

cells inflate and deflate alternatively over a ten minute cycle, the patients receive their adequate pressure relief. The system can also be switched to a static mode to facilitate all kinds of nursing
care including dressing changes and patient repositioning. The low-air-loss laser holes on the air cells allow ventilation and moisture control, which further provides the patients with maximum level of comfort. An optional silver-ion cover material
is also available for the mattress cover. With a comfort level dial adjustment, DOMUS 2 is easy to use and is recommended for patients at low risk to medium risk of pressure ulcers.

Patient Safety and Comfort
Visual alarm indicator for low pressure conditions
Waterproof, vapor-permeable, low friction cover
User-Friendly Control Unit
High Performance air pump with 8-liter compressor is quiet and vibration-free
Convenient switch to change between alternating therapy and static mode
17 structurally independent air cells facilitate repair, replacement and cleaning