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Today is 26,Sep,2018
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Support Surface
Support Surface
Support SurfaceSupport SurfaceSupport Surface
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Support Surface

The DOMUS 3 is the exceptional value for alternating pressure
overlay/ replacement mattress system. It has 5” height air cells on top of a 3” foam pocket. With micro low-air-loss of 5” air cells, the system can provide a dry and moisture control for patients.  The mattress keeps the first 3 air cells always inflated as a pillow function to provide additional sleep comfort. An optional silver- ion cover material is also available for the mattress cover, which can give an extra antimicrobial protection. Audible and visible alarms
are included in the system as well to ensuring the safety. A new straightforward and single-handed CPR control enables rapid air deflation for emergencies and storage. With a digital panel pump,
6 adjustable comfort levels and versatile therapies for different
nursing requirements, the system can provide benefits for both patients and caregivers. The DOMUS 3 is easy-to-use and quiet  in operation and is recommended for patients at medium low risk to highrisk of pressure ulcers.

Patient Safety and Comfort
6 level adjustments for optimize patient comfort
Reserved 3” foam base pocket provides additional safety
Seat inflation mode prevents patient from bottoming out while being seated
Various safety alarm with audible buzzer and visible indicator
User-Friendly Control Unit
Transport mode with Apex quick connector cap
Elegant zipper-all-around cover for easy maintenance and cleaning
17 independent air cells are easy for installing; replacing and cleaning